Our philosophy is, that we will do everything within our power to satisfy your needs. We believe if it will enhance the result, and it is possible for us to make the adjustment, we will do it. Our driving desire is to provide you a professional service that will help you restore to normal as possible, your pre-surgical appearance.

-Doss K. Tannehill, BCO


“I felt pretty for the first time in many years” -Susan “Cricket” Jaber

“Thank you Doss for giving me this wonderful uplift…you do incredible work” -Lynne Shanahan

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752 17th Ave Honolulu, HI 96816

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Our Practice

This is a second generation ocularist practice that has been providing ocular prosthetic services to the Pacific Rim from Honolulu, Hawaii since 1958. Our ocular prostheses are custom made with a handcrafted fitting process that results in a unique, one of a kind ocular prosthesis.

Natural Iris Conformer

The Fitting Process


"... The prosthesis he made is the best I’ve ever had...."

"... I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks for the outstanding treatment and professionalism you have provided as my ocularist. You have an ability to quickly familiarize yourself with your patient’s needs during a most difficult time."

"... very gentle man that made me feel there was hope."